Chemical Bride 🎂
Chemical Bride 🎂

Chemical Bride 🎂

Green House Seeds
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Wedding Cake x Chemdog
70% Indica : 30% Sativa 
Flowering Cycle : 9 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Yield Indoors : 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoors: 600 g/plant
Height : Medium
Climate : Mild
Effects : Relaxing, Creative, Stimulating
Aromas : Creamy, Sour, Diesel, Earthy, Sweet

The chemical bride is a combination of the old time Classic Chemdog genetics from Greenhouse Seeds, with a selection of one of the big boomer in America 🇺🇸 from Seedjunky, the Wedding cake 🎂.

The result is an amazingly compact flower production covered in glittering trichomes ❄️ all over the surface and down to the leaves.
The plant will not stretch a lot once switched into flower, it will grow in a bushy shape 🌳 with strong secondary branches and short internodal length, a nice dark forest green often happens on the leaves like its father the Chemdog can have.

The smell/taste of the Chemical Bride is a complex mix of both parents, with a strong creamy note 🥛 coming to you first inherited by the Chemdog and increased by the Wedding cake’s creaminess, then followed by some sour/gasy ⛽ tones almost like a kind of OG smell, and finishing with a light earthiness that makes it an amazing strain for the palate.

The effects of the flowers are very body relaxing and will last for quite a while, it will not produce a couchlock effect but more like a floating sensation where the body relaxes but the mind still works perfectly. A great smoke for creative/active people.