Do-Si-Dos auto 🍋
Do-Si-Dos auto 🍋
Do-Si-Dos auto 🍋

Do-Si-Dos auto 🍋

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Do-Si-Dos x Cookies Auto
60% Indica : 35% Sativa : 5% Ruderalis
Flowering Time : 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest : 9 - 10 weeks after Sprouting
Yield Indoors : 350 - 400 g/m2
Yield Outdoors : 100 - 150 g/plant
Height Indoors : 80 - 120 cm
Height Outdoors : 100 - 140 cm
Climate : Mild to Warm
Effects : Calming, Relaxing
Aromas : Citrus, Candy, Pine
THC : 20%

CBD : Low

Do-Si-Dos Automatic offers just about everything most cannabis growers are looking for. Her rapid life cycle means you can achieve an impressive yield in a matter of weeks. Sow more seeds just before trimming to set up a perpetual harvest and ensure your stash jars never run dry. This potent lady offers THC levels of 20% alongside earthy, citrusy terpenes.

Speed, Potency and Fantastic Flavors

Do-Si-Dos Automatic merges the best traits of the original strain with the efficiency of autoflowering genetics. Experience the indica magic and sweet 🍭 and earthy 🌲 tastes of Do-Si-Dos in a fraction of the time. Suitable for novice and advanced growers alike, this strain provides an easy and rapid harvest on demand.

Genetic Background 🧬

Do-Si-Dos has made a large impact in the world of weed. We’ve been a fan of her effects for a long time, and our team of expert breeders were inspired to bring her traits into the auto-flowering world. This move would make her more accessible to beginner growers and drastically reduce the time between germination and harvest.

By crossing the strain with Cookies Auto, we produced a fast 🚀, compact, and tasty 😋 specimen. Following several generations of stabilizing the strain, Do-Si-Dos Automatic emerged as an indica-dominant cultivar with 60% indica genetics, 35% sativa, and 5% ruderalis.

Effects, Aromas and Flavors

With a THC level of 20%, Do-Si-Dos Automatic clocks in as one of the strongest auto-flowering strains you can grow. Not only that, but her crisp, sweet, and skunky aroma lifts the spirits before you even take your first toke. These earthy 🌲 and citrusy 🍋 terpenes synergize with THC to create a stoned and peaceful state of mind ideal for quiet evenings in.

Experienced smokers will be able to enjoy an entire joint or bong's worth of this bud before being stoned into oblivion, while novices will find themselves thoroughly high with much less. Though indica-dominant, her balanced effect allows users to relax, socialize, and create without falling asleep after a toke or two.

Growing DO-Si-Dos Automatic 🌳

Do-Si-Dos Automatic boasts high yields while remaining at a compact and easy to manage size throughout the entire growing cycle. Even in limited space, growers can expect to achieve great results with this stealthy variety.

Indoor plants 💡 reach a peak height of 120cm, but techniques such as low-stress training work to keep her at around 80cm. Expect impressive yields of 350–400g/m², ready to harvest after only 9–10 weeks from germination (7–8 weeks of flowering).

Outdoor plants ☀️ grow to slightly taller heights of around 140cm. Growers can also tame these specimens with LST to keep them out of sight. Be sure to sow companion plants close by early in the season to keep pests away and your plants concealed. Prepare to harvest around 100–150g/plant.