Sweet ZZ (Zkittlez) 🍇
Sweet ZZ (Zkittlez) 🍇
Sweet ZZ (Zkittlez) 🍇

Sweet ZZ (Zkittlez) 🍇

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sweet zz


Grape Ape x Grapefruit
80% Indica : 20% Sativa 
Flowering Time : 7 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Late September
Yield Indoor : 550 - 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor : 500 - 550 g/plant
Height Indoor : 80 - 140 cm
Height Outdoor : 160 - 200 cm
Climate : Warm and Sunny
Effect : Relaxing High on Body and Mind
Flavor : Grape, Sweet, Fruity
THC : 22%

CBD : Low

A Taste Sensation that Bursts with Fruity Flavors

The fruity aroma and succulent flavor produced by Sweet ZZ is a must for candy-loving cannabis growers. Tempting the senses all the way to harvest, her glistening buds are like your very own sweet shop. Combined with an equally uplifting high, she is a thoroughly enjoyable indica hybrid that leaves your body relaxed, and your mind refreshed.

Sweet ZZ also known as Zkittlez in the US 🍇

Sweet ZZ has been bred using parent strains Grape Ape and Grapefruit - she's our own version of the legendary indica-dominant hybrid : Zkittlez 🍬.

The masterful blend of genetics that has led to the development of Sweet ZZ represents just how far cannabis cultivation has come. Despite her indica dominance, Sweet ZZ keeps her effects firmly focused on the mind, not the body. Typically, indica strains centre on providing relief to aching muscles with a mild feeling of euphoria. Sweet ZZ flips the game on its head. Still leaving you relaxed, her attention is instead turned toward hitting you with waves of uplifting thoughts and feel-good vibes.

An Eruption of Berries, Citrus and Candies 🌈

She is the physical embodiment of happiness. The emotion exudes through her flavor profile, saccharine taste, and pleasantly rewarding high. It isn't often that mild potency is a favored trait. In this case, savoring every last hit is a must, and thankfully, several joints of Sweet ZZ can be enjoyed before reaching the point of no return. 15–20% THC is enough to start paving the way for enlightenment, but not enough to have you surfing the cosmos with complete mental abandonment.

Big Flavors, Even Bigger Yields

Early on in the vegetative stage, her distinct aroma starts to build. Hints of berry and grape 🍇 fill the air, while her buds glisten with various shades of green and hints of purple. During flowering, a large central cola forms, supported by several smaller nugs from her outstretched branches. Yields are also impressive, regardless of whether you grow her indoors or out. 500–700g/m² and 400–600g/plant, respectively.

Although it seems a shame to cut her down, late September is the ideal time to do so. This allows growers to take full advantage of her unique characteristics. Indoors, flowering only takes 7–9 weeks, although it is recommended that she is left until the end of that time frame. The extra week or two ensures complete development of her terpenes and cannabinoids. You don’t want to lose a single drop of flavor!