Baked in Paris 🎂
Baked in Paris 🎂
Baked in Paris 🎂
Baked in Paris 🎂

Baked in Paris 🎂

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Wedding Cake x Jet A
Flowering Time : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Begin of October
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Heavy Stone
Aromas : Cookie, Fuel, Gelato
THC : High

Baked in Paris is a cross using the selected cut of Wedding Cake F4 from Seed Junky genetics hit by the pollen of the cup winner cut of Jet A (reversal) from Exotics Genetix.
Baked in Paris is a trichome factory, the buds are almost white, totally covered in trichomes ❄️, which is a bliss for all the solventless enthusiast.

The terpene profile is a nice balanced blend of cookies terps  🍪 and deep gas  with some gelato  🍦 hints. It’s a very potent strain with stoning sedative effects that is going to bake you hard 🥊, definitely a night time smoke for most of us.