Capri Zun 🌈
Capri Zun 🌈
Capri Zun 🌈
Capri Zun 🌈
Capri Zun 🌈

Capri Zun 🌈

Perfect Tree
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Sunset Sherbet Bx1 x Peach Ozz
50% Indica : 50% Sativa
Flowering Time : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Yield : Good
Climate : Mild
Effects : Happy, Active, Stimulating, Positive, Uplifting
Aromas : Fruity, Creamy, Candy, Sour
THC : High

We are glad to present Capri Zun by Perfect Tree, a marijuana strain that will delight fruity marijuana lovers thanks to its powerful exotic fruit flavors 🍍. It is easy to cultivate and it is as resinous ❄️ as it is delicious, conquering the heart of any grower.

This sweet aroma strain originates from two genetics famous for their fruity terpenes profile, Sunset Sherbert ☀️ (Sunset Sherbert Bx 1 by Seed Junky Genetics) and Peach Ozz 🍑. It has been used as male for the first feminized seed series introduced by Perfect Tree.

The result of this encounter is a vigorous and easy to cultivate Indica Sativa hybrid with a quick flowering period and a harvest that surprises growers by its quality.

Capri Zun is a plant that benefits from regular and sustained fertilizer inputs in order to fully express its potential. It offers a medium-high yield depending on the cultivation technique, with a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks.

Capri Zun in bloom rapidly begins to produce terpene-rich trichomes, emanating a powerful fruity aroma.

Capri Zun is a very resinous plant ❄️ that delivers a sweet and intense aroma, rewarding the grower with fruits bursting with flavor. A strain that will certainly delight cannabis concentrate fans.

The majority of Capri Zun plants release a fruity and sour aroma reminiscent of the Zkittlez family, while some specimens show creamier and less acidic notes.

Capri Zun produces a positive and uplifting effect, promoting a good mood and perfectly accompanying our daily activities.