Chantilly 🍦
Chantilly 🍦
Chantilly 🍦
Chantilly 🍦

Chantilly 🍦

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L.A. Kush Cake x Jet A
Flowering Time : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Begin of October
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Relaxing Stone
Aromas : Cookie Dough, Whipped Cream, Hazelnut, Fuel
THC : High

This strain is a cross of the ultra resinous L.A Kush Cake from Seed Junky and the Jet A (reversal) from Exotics genetix.

Chantilly is not a tall plant and have some strong ramifications that produce large and dense flowers, we recommend to top her multiple time to make a nice bush  🌲 and increase the yield factor.

Regarding the phenos (alway covered with a huge amount of resin ❄️) you will find sweet notes of cookie dough 🍪, whipped cream 🍦, hazelnut 🌰 and/or some more intense spicy terps like gas ⛽ and cardamon.

The resin production is out standing and the return will makes all the hash lovers more than happy, one of the best strain we ever had to make high quality ice-o-lator and rosin.