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Mimozz 🍊
Mimozz 🍊
Mimozz 🍊
Mimozz 🍊
Mimozz 🍊

Mimozz 🍊

Perfect Tree
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Mimosa x Peach Ozz
50% Indica : 50% Sativa 
Flowering Time : 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest Month : Late September
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Calm, Relaxing, Contemplating
Aromas : Clementine, Exotic Fruits, Peach, Sweet, Creamy, Tart
THC : High


πŸ† 2nd Sativa Indoor - Secret Cup Bizkaia 2020

Perfect Tree presents here Mimozz, an Indica Sativa hybrid characterized by a very pronounced fruity and sweet aroma 🍭 and a high resin production β„️ that will delight marijuana concentrates lovers.

Mimozz, as its name suggests, is the cross between Mimosa and Peach Ozz, both carefully selected by the Perfect Tree team. The result is a variety that perfectly combines both genetics' traits.

On one hand a Mimosa by Symbiotic Genetics with a balanced, vigorous character that combines Clementine πŸŠ (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) citric aroma with Purple Punch exotic terpenes πŸ profile, both its ancestors.

On the other hand, its mother plant was crossed with Peach Ozz clone (Dying Breed Seeds), a great strain selected by Perfect Tree. A plant with an exuberant resin production and a sweet, fruity and creamy flavor enriched with typical Zkittlez marijuana family notes.

Grow Mimozz

The result is a fast-growing and fast-flowering Indica Sativa hybrid. A plant that offers a generous flower and resin production and an unforgettable fruity aroma. Its potent scent makes the use of a carbon filter advisable πŸ‘ƒ.

Perfect Tree recommends optimizing this cannabis strain cultivation by providing 4 weeks of vegetative growth and pruning the plants once or twice before the transition to flowering. These cultivation techniques ensure that Mimozz expresses its full potential.

Mimozz presents two phenotypes, one with a terpenes profile more influenced by the mother Mimosa, and the other closer to Peach Ozz, with sweeter and creamier notes. Both have many traits in common, such as the resin β„️ production and a very fruity flavour.

Mimozz has a flowering period of about 8 weeks, although the earlier phenotypes seem mature at 7 weeks of flowering, an extra week will allow full maturity.

At the end of the flowering stage, and even more so if temperatures drop, Mimozz can easily acquire beautiful dark colors on leaves and flowers 🍁.

Super Fruity Tasting Marijuanna

Mimozz flowers, with large fleshy calyxes covered in resin, once dried and cured, are notable for their appetizing appearance and intoxicating aroma.

Mimozz by Perfect Tree has a terpenes profile that will delight fruity marijuana lovers, with citric 🍊, peach πŸ‘ and exotic fruit 🍍 notes on a sweet 🍬 and creamy background.

Mimozz delivers a calm, relaxed and contemplative effect.