Jack Herer 🌲
Jack Herer 🌲
Jack Herer 🌲

Jack Herer 🌲

Green House Seeds
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Haze x Red Skunk (Skunk #1 x Northern Light)
60% Sativa : 40% Indica
Flowering Time : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Late September
Yield Indoor : 800 g/m2
Yield Outdoor : 1200 g/plant
Height : Tall
Climate : Mild
Effects : Strong on body and mind, Complex and very long lasting
Flavors : Lemon, Pine, Floral
Medical Properties : Pain reduction and Appetite stimulation
THC : 21%
CBD : 0,12%
CBN : 0,04%

🏆  1st High Times Cannabis Cup 1994
🏆  1st High Times Cannabis Cup 1999
🏆  3rd High Life Cannabis Cup 2002
🏆  1st High Life Cannabis Cup 2003
🏆  1st High Life Cannabis Cup 2004
🏆  1st High Life Cannabis Cup 2005
🏆  2nd High Life Cannabis Cup 2006

   and many more ...

This is Greenhouse Seeds' tribute to the marijuana activist Jack Herer. They took a Haze and crossed it with Red Skunk, resulting in a very potent 🪓 and high yielding variety. With Jack Herer weed you can effectively reduce pain and stimulate appetite. Jack Herer yields up to 800g/m² after 8 weeks and boasts with a THC level of 20%. Strong cerebral and physical effect. The quality of this strain is highly valued in the cannabis community.

A Masterpiece of Dutch Genetics 🎨

No special introduction is needed for this champ - very few strains have the reputation Jack Herer has. It is a celebrity among hybrids, found almost in every coffee shop and cannabis dispensary around the world 👍. This super strain proudly and justly wears the name of one of the most influential cannabis activists in Europe - Jack Herer.

This tribute to the marijuana activist Jack Herer by Greenhouse Seeds is the crossing of a Haze and Red Skunk. The result is a high yielding and very potent variety with high medical value. This weed is a great remedy for patients suffering from pain and lack of appetite, but also gets you high in a very pleasant way and for a long time-span. This awesome hybrid has won so many awards that we probably missed more than one in our list!

Jack Herer responds very good to the SOG and ScrOG method and has the potential to yield in the range of 700-800g/m². When brought up outdoors ☀️, you will be amazed at the incredible productivity - under perfect conditions you will be able to harvest 1.2kg per plant by the end of September. The buds of Jack Herer look like giant clusters of green popcorn flakes riddled with countless orange pistils and rolled in powdered sugar. And not only the amount and look of the weed is a reason to brag about, the buds are highly resinous ❄️ and filled to the brim with power - 20% of the harvest are THC, so you better savor this stuff while seated!

Terpenes Analysis (Earth and Hydroponic)

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