Pure Kush 🍁
Pure Kush 🍁
Pure Kush 🍁

Pure Kush 🍁

Green House Seeds
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Kush Phenotype, Clone only Strain
70% Indica : 30% Sativa 
Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Early October
Yield Indoor : 900 g/m2
Yield Outdoor : 900 g/plant
Height : Short to Medium
Climate : Mild
Effects : Stoned, heavy, couch-locking, with a narcotic side to it
Flavors : Citrus, Sweet Flower, Nutty
THC : 19,3%
CBD : 0,3%
CBN : 0,25%

🏆  3rd High Time Cannabis Cup 2014

As the name already suggests, Pure Kush is precisely that - a pure Kush variety. Greenhouse Seeds selected an exemplary OG Kush phenotype with reddish/pinkish hues on the calyxes and stigmas 🍁. But Pure Kush is not only a feast for the eye, she is extremely productive and has the potential to yield 900g/m², respectively 900 grams per plant outdoors. 19% THC.

Warranty for an Intense Intoxication

As you may have guessed already, Pure Kush is exactly that - a pure Kush strain. Greenhouse Seeds selected an exemplary OG Kush specimen with reddish/pinkish hues on the pistils and calyxes. But Pure Kush has more to offer than just a nice appearance, this plant is suited for beginners and has a high potential and potency. Pure Kush performs best in a ScrOG setup.

Pure Kush may be an Indica variety, but you'll still need some patience for she requires 9 weeks to develop her incredibly good looking large buds. But apart from the attractivity of the plants, the productivity is even more impressive. Provided you grant her a reasonable vegetative period and train her into a large bush 🌳, she has the potential to yield 900g/m², respectively 900 grams per plant in early October when reared outdoors. The buds are fully covered in shiny trichomes ❄️ and even the leafs between the flowers are affected.

Pure Kush weed is a real treat for the palate and is highly potent - it has a very nutty 🌰 and sweet flavor and the high THC level of 19% is a warranty for an intense intoxication. It is advised to smoke this stuff while seated for the high will hit you like a hammer. Your body will get rid of all pain, but the muscle tension will be greatly decreased as well. Smoking more induces a narcotic effect, disabling you from ignoring the call of your bed.

Terpenes Analysis (Hydroponic)