El Cap 🎂
El Cap 🎂

El Cap 🎂

Motherlode Gardens
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Cot Cake (Wedding Cake x Garlicot) x Yosemite Glue 
Indica dominant hybrid
Flowering Time : 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Yield Outdoors : up to several kilos / plant
Height Outdoors : 150 cm - 300 cm
Climate : Mild to warm
Effects : Stone
Aromas : Fruity, Apricot, Garlic, Diesel
THC : High
Pack : 12 regular seeds

El Cap belongs to the new Yosemite Glue Genetics line that Motherlode released. 

On one hand, Cot Cake bred by Staefli Farms is a really special combination of genetics. The legendary Wedding cake  🎂 clone combined with a selected Garlicot male 🍑 produces some gorgeous plants with gorgeous flowers. Very easy to grow, these plants produce some amazing terps. Some leaning on the straight gas wedding cake  side and some combining the tropical nose of the garlic  🧄 and apricot 🍑 terps with the cake gas.

On the other hand , Yosemite Glue is a genetic powerhouse that is known for its extreme resin production and massive lateral branching. When grown outdoors to its full potential ☀️, this hybrid can produce plants upwards of 15 pounds (7 kg), with off-the-charts vigor, and extreme resin production ❄️ perfect for hash production..

You combine both strains to get El Cap to get the best of the parents within the offspring.

About Motherlode Gardens

Motherlode Gardens is an organic medical cannabis farm, located near Yosemite, California 🇺🇸. They are famous for their breeding work and creation of Yosemite Glue or Ancient OG Project for example. Their genetics are known as heavy yielders  🌳 and can harvest up to 20 pounds of weed per plant !! At Califrosty’s, we offer in exclusivity some of their genetics imported straight from California.

Novelty seeds only.