Granita 🍹
Granita 🍹
Granita 🍹
Granita 🍹

Granita 🍹

Perfect Tree
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33 Splitter x Jet A
Flowering Time : 60 - 67 Days
Harvest Month : Begin of October
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Heavy Stone
Aromas : Gelato, Fuel
THC : High 

The 33 splitter that Perfect Tree used from uprising seeds and the Jet A of exotic genetix are basically the same crosses. Both are a combination of the infamous gelato # 33 and some OGs like Tina or Atom splitter. The selected mother is particularly strong and vigorous. Her specific pungent aroma, beautiful structure, quick cloning and yield ability makes her the perfect plant to breed with. The result is a new kind of gelato  🍦 on steroids producing fat nugs totally covered in trichomes  ❄️.

The feminized version of the Granita is even more uniform than the regular one, almost all the plant got the same terpene profile.
Granita is mostly a night time smoke , definitely the kind of strain that lock you in the couch for hours  🥊 ! This strain will freeze your brain  🤯 !!!