Himalaya Gold 🏔️
Himalaya Gold 🏔️
Himalaya Gold 🏔️

Himalaya Gold 🏔️

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Nepalese x North Indian
70% Indica : 30% Sativa 
Flowering Time : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Late September
Yield Indoor : 850 g/m2
Yield Outdoor : 1350 g/plant
Height : Tall
Climate : Cold
Effects : Very creative mild high with a balanced and long lasting body feeling
Flavors : Spicy Chocolate with a hint of Pepper
THC : 12,7%
CBD : 0,25%
CBN : 0,07%

Himalaya Gold is the outcome of crossing a Nepalese and a North Indian variety and boasts with a very high productivity. Brought up indoors, Himalayan Gold plants can reach up to 150cm - outdoors the plants can grow up to a height of 240cm. The plants are tall and strong, but need support due to the extremely dense and heavy buds. Responds very good to LST (Low Stress Training).

A very High Productivity

By crossing a Nepalese and a North Indian variety, Greenhouse Seeds created Himalaya Gold, a medically valuable plant with a very high productivity and good resistance to lower temperatures 🌨️. The plants are tall and strong and respond very good to LST (Low Stress Training), but in the later stage of flowering they need support because the buds become extremely dense and heavy.

When grown indoors, Himalaya Gold can reach a height of up to 150cm - outdoors the plants can become as tall as up to 240cm. Reared in a grow-room 💡, this Indica variety requires 8 weeks to produce up to 750-850g/m² of impressively thick buds. Cultivated outdoors she will be ready at the end of September wherein each plant can produce in excess of 1.2kg, some can carry up to 1.3kg! The ripe plants exude a sweet and spicy chocolate aroma, seasoned with a hint of pepper.

With a THC content up to 15% and a CBD of 1.4%, the high first tackles the body and washes the pain away before the head is switched to creative thinking. Be warned though, smoking these green nuggets triggers a bad case of the munchies 🍔, a side-effect patients suffering from a lack of appetite will enjoy. 

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