Peach Lassi 🍑

Peach Lassi 🍑

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Peach Ozz x Jet A
Flowering Time : 8 - 9 weeks
Hrvest Month : Late September
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Relaxing, Powerful Body stone
Aromas : Fruity, Peach, Creamy, Gelato
THC : High

The Peach Lassi is a cross between our selected cut of Peach Ozz (Oz Kush x Peach Ringz) from Dying breed seeds and our Jet A Reversed from Exotics Genetix.

It's a beautiful strain that produce nice dense and flavorful buds with a lot of the characteristics of our Peach Ozz clone mixed with the fuel terps from the Jet A. The aroma is so creamy and fresh, it reminds us of this drink that you can find almost everywhere in India, the famous Lassi. Perfect for warm summer days ☀️, the Peach Lassi won’t knock you off and will fill your mouth with a blend of delightful terpenes. Some phenos will bring more gas  and have a powerful body effect.

It's a vigorous cross that grows fast and have those beautiful long pistils from the Peach Ozz and the formation of the bud like the Jet A. The resin ❄️ is fantastic and will make great solventless extracts. Peach Lassi is a great hybrid made for all the fruity 🍑, creamy 🥛 and gelato🍦 terps lovers !!