Pink Gasoline 🛢️
Pink Gasoline 🛢️
Pink Gasoline 🛢️
Pink Gasoline 🛢️
Pink Gasoline 🛢️
Pink Gasoline 🛢️

Pink Gasoline 🛢️

Perfect Tree
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33 Splitter x Peach Ozz
80% Indica : 20% Sativa 
Flowering Time : 8 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Calming, Relaxing
Aromas : Fruity, Diesel, Creamy, Earthy
THC : High

Califrosty's delighted to present Pink Gasoline by Perfect Tree Seeds, an Indica dominant hybrid with a sweet and fruity flavor that offers generous harvests and a great resin and terpenes production.

This variety was developed after a long breeding work looking for a Gelato 33 hybrid with superior qualities. Hence the clone 33 Splitter, a Gelato 33 x Atom Splitter hybrid. A strain that offers large, fleshy flowers and a fruity aroma enriched with fuel notes  that make it one of the most popular Gelato hybrids.

Then 33 Splitter was crossed with Peach Ozz, a very resinous ❄️ selection with a delicious exotic fruits aroma 🍈 and creamy, spicy notes.

Pink Gasoline is the result, a vigorous, medium-sized, Indica dominant marijuana strain. It is easy to manage both in indoor cannabis cultivation as well as outdoors. Perfect Tree recommends in order to optimize performance, to provide 4 weeks of vegetative growth before passing to the flowering stage.

Pink Gasoline has a fairly fast flowering time, with about 8-9 weeks to be ready to offer the grower a generous yield.

Pink Gasoline produces large, dense, fleshy flowers that easily display beautiful pink to purple colors. These colors contrast with the thick resin layer ❄️ that covers flowers and leaves nearby. It is an excellent choice for making marijuana concentrates as generous as they are aromatic thanks to the quantity and quality of the resin Pink Gasoline produces.

Pink Gasoline delivers a terpenes profile with fruity notes 🍍 enriched with creamy and earthy hints 🌳 on a fuel 🛢️ base very present in the mouth.

It provides an Indica-like effect, calm and relaxing in nature but not overwhelming, ideal for unwinding at the end of the day.