Tourist Trap 🍑
Tourist Trap 🍑

Tourist Trap 🍑

Motherlode Gardens
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Dozicot (Dozizoz x Purple Apricot) x Yosemite Glue 
Indica dominant hybrid
Flowering Time : 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Yield Outdoors : up to several kilos / plant
Height Outdoors : 150 cm - 300 cm
Climate : Mild to warm
Effects : Uplifting, then Stone
Aromas : Apricot, Diesel, Candy
THC : High
Pack : 12 regular seeds

The Tourist Trap is producing stout plants with huge flowers that finish ripening in early october. 

One of the parents of Tourist Trap is Dozicot (Dozizoz x Purple Apricot), an uplifting strain bred by Gnome Grown in Oregon 🇺🇸, and the other is the Yosemite Glue : the extremely vigorous heavy Yielder. The aromas of this incredibly vigorous hybrid are fruity with a hint of Apricot 🍑 and gassy .

Robust  🌳 in Structure and extremely vigorous, tall and wide, producing trichome-crusted ❄️ flowers so heavy they often require extra support 🪜

About Motherlode Gardens

Motherlode Gardens is an organic medical cannabis farm, located near Yosemite, California 🇺🇸. They are famous for their breeding work and creation of Yosemite Glue or Ancient OG Project for example. Their genetics are known as heavy yielders  🌳 and can harvest up to 20 pounds of weed per plant !! At Califrosty’s, we offer in exclusivity some of their genetics imported straight from California.

Novelty seeds only.