Yosemite Glue F2 🦍
Yosemite Glue F2 🦍

Yosemite Glue F2 🦍

Motherlode Gardens
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Gorilla Glue #4 x Ancient OG F3
Indica dominant hybrid
Flowering Time : 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Yield Outdoors : up to several kilos / plant
Height Outdoors : 150 cm - 300 cm
Climate : Mild to warm
Effects : Heavy Stone
Aromas : Diesel, Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Sour
THC : High
Pack : 12 regular seeds

Yosemite Glue is a genetic powerhouse that is known for its extreme resin production ❄️ and massive lateral branching. When grown outdoors to its full potential ☀️, this hybrid can produce plants upwards of 15 pounds (7 kg), with off-the-charts vigor 💪, and extreme resin production perfect for hash production..

Yosemite Glue is some of Motherlode Gardens’ favorite strains to grow, to create a whole new line that is perfect for any growing environment.

Once they start growing they don't want to stop 🌳. The stretch, the stack, and the perfect resin quality of the flower exceeds any other strain we have grown in the farm in California . In addition, the slender stems and bright coloring gives a very desirable “boutique”look to the flowers themselves. Trimming is easy too ✂️, not much leaf on the flowers and the little amount of leaf material they do have is extremely frosty ❄️.

Yosemite Glue is a hash-maker’s dream…. tons of glandular resin and a nice open bud structure that also make it harder for pathogens to hide and ensure good return for washing . The Yosemite Glue’s dominant flavor profiles are mainly sour, chocolate 🍫 , gas , cookie dough 🍪, earth, sometimes with a small extra hint of coffee , and also sometimes with notes of lemon or fruit, depending on the phenotype.

Motherlode Gardens have grown several Yosemite Glue’s that have yielded 15+ lbs per plant (7 kg), and cannabinoid tests show this strain has very high level of psychoactive cannabinoids (over 30 % of the flower’s mass is THC 💥), The Yosemite Glue genetic is perfect for all your full-spectrum needs.

About de Motherlode Gardens

Motherlode Gardens is an organic medical cannabis farm, located near Yosemite, California 🇺🇸. They are famous for their breeding work and creation of Yosemite Glue or Ancient OG Project for example. Their genetics are known as heavy yielders  🌳 and can harvest up to 20 pounds of weed per plant !! At Califrosty’s, we offer in exclusivity some of their genetics imported straight from California.

Novelty seeds only.