Coconut Chalice 🍦
Coconut Chalice 🍦

Coconut Chalice 🍦

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Gelato #41 x Coco Milk
Feminized seeds
Hybrid Indica Dominant
Flowering Time : 8 weeks
Harvest Month : Late September
Yield : High
Climate : Mild
Effects : Comfortable smoke
Aromas : Gelato, Cream
THC : High

Coconut Chalice is a unique hybrid born from the fusion of original Gelato #41, a.k.a. Bacio Gelato, and the Coco Milk 🥥(reversed cut).

It inherits the creamy characteristics of Coco Milk 🍨 while staying true to its Gelato roots 🍦. Expect lush, trichome-rich buds ❄️ with a bold flavor profile encompassing Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and gassy terpenes . With short internodes, this strain produces elegant colas reminiscent of baseball bats, boasting classic purple hues from its parentage.

Coconut Chalice is an easy-to-cultivate, vigorous plant that's ready in just 8 weeks. It rewards growers with a substantial yield and intoxicating aromas.