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What makes Autoflowering Cannabis different from other types? Well, the key difference resides in the name. Put simply, these strains flower automatically.

The Autoflowering trait didn’t emerge by accident. It occurred as an adaptation to environmental conditions. You’ve probably heard of Cannabis Indica and Sativa. Well, the Autoflowering gene arose in Cannabis Ruderalis. The Ruderalis subspecies adapted to the cold and often harsh environments of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. These regions feature a considerably shorter growing season and colder temperatures.

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are queens of speed, they have a faster life cycle. These plants are discreet and compact, perfect for small indoor grow operation and outdoor guerilla grows, to stay out of the onlookers sight. Autoflowering plants boast strong, sturdy, and resilient genetics, Ruderalis is well equipped to deal with extreme temperatures and harsh weather, thrive in less-nutritious soil and allow beginner's mistakes. Last but not least, they tend to offer higher levels of CBD.

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