Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽
Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽
Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽
Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽
Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽
Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽

Frosty's Kush Pie ⛽

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Frosty's Lemon Pie IBL x Black Kush IBL (True F1)
Indica 50% : Sativa 50%
Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Indoors Yield : 500 g/m2
Outdoors Yield : 500 g/ plant 
Height : Medium
Climate : Mild
Effects : Heavy Body Stone, Relaxing, Long-lasting
Aromas : Gassy, Chemical, Earthy, Floral

Frosty’s Kush Pie is the new gem to be released by Califrosty. Get ready for this gassy ⛽, Chemical ⚗️ and powerful hybrid with black hues 🍁. Califrosty's the underdog, releases this fast-flowering, pungent and potent variety that most definitely can compete against the major league strains 🏆.

A wonderful and unique lineage

Our Frosty's Kush Pie (FKP) the first stain in the world to have our Frosty's Lemon Pie 🍋 (FLP) as one the parents. This amazing hybrid we created out of old school genetics brings to FKP its vigor, easy-to-grow and fast-flowering traits.

On the other hand, we selected a Black Kush from the Cali Connection and chose to highlight those Kush, Gassy ⛽ and Chemical ⚗️ terpenes along the beautiful dark hues of the flowers and leaves. Generations after generations, we came up with what we were looking for.

That's the recipe of a beautiful gem out of the strain's world: Frosty's Kush Pie is born.

An amazing Kush by Califrosty's

FKP is an early strain that flowers quite fast that she will be ripe within 9 weeks only. You guys can push it to 68-70 days to get those rock hard nuggets 🪨 and get the most of it! Moreover, she is easy to grow, does not require that much attention to give you that love back. That being said, those black hues make the plant so good looking, but also will help outdoors growers to be a bit more resilient against the cold weather. Last but not least, this is the most stabilized plant we ever had, all the plants that started from different seeds will look like they're being grown out of clones from the same mother: that uniformity is off the charts.

She's a heavy yielder 💪 as well and perfect for commercial grow operations, thanks to those dense nugs that are covered in snow. Indeed, that thick layer of white resin ❄️ on the black leaves gives us a beautiful contrast and is going to get you badass extractions.

A stop by the gas station ⛽

You don't need to get your nose close to the buds to smell those gassy ⛽ and chemicals ⚗️ terps! These deep aromas get along with the fruity 🍏, earthy 🌳 and floral 🌸 scents to make a balanced and complex overall aroma. You'll get tipsy after catching a whiff of this incredible plant. Lighting a bud is like lighting gas, it'll make your brain go bang 🤯 for a long time.

In a nutshell, this is a turnkey strain for beginners and professional that are looking for commercial yields, powerful terps, black phenotypes and fast-flowering cycles.

The collectible feminized seeds of Frosty's Kush Pie are available in their awesome ice cream cones packaging to be added to your collection🍦.

Watch a video about our strain on Youtube:

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