Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟
Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟

Frosty's Purple Freak 🧟

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Black Kush x Berry Freak (F4)
Indica 60% : Sativa 40%
Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Harvest Month : October
Indoors Yield : Medium to High
Outdoors Yield : Medium to High
Height : Medium
Climate : All Climates
Effects : Potent Indica stone, intense body-melting and long-lasting
Aromas : Berry, Kush, Sweet, Gassy, Earthy

Frosty’s Purple Freak, A Freaky Mutant Lady With Heavily Frosty Purple Buds

Extremely frosty ❄️, mold-resistant 🌧️ and with an outrageous appearance 🧟, the Frosty’s Purple Freak is a guerilla grower’s dream!
This purple mutant results from a cross between a flavorful Berry Freak and a devastating Black Kush.
Despite the original Freakshow’s success, many felt it was missing that extra terpene punch that truly elevates the experience.
Califrosty's joined forces with Khalifa Genetics so as to take on an ambitious challenge. Our dream was to combine the insane fern-like leaf mutation with great flavor, potency, mold-resistance and beautiful purple colors. A challenging breeding project, to say the least.
Combining that many recessive traits took several years of hard work and dedication. Now at the F4 generation, the Frosty’s Purple Freak is consistently freaky 🧟, purple 💜, terpy 🫐 and potent 💪.

Freaky From The Start

This purple mutant starts looking “Freaky” as soon at the first set of true leaves appear. It is therefore extremely stealthy right from the beginning.
While initially slower in the first couple of weeks of vegetative growth, these mutant plants surge in growth after about four weeks.
Although sativa is a minor portion of the genetics, Frosty’s Purple Freak can grow tall like an old Skunk #1. Yet, it responds very well to topping and other training methods. With its abundant branches, this plant boasts a dense, bushy structure 🌳. Thanks to its Indica ancestry, it showcases a rapid flowering period of just 55 to 65 days. Frosty’s Purple Freak impresses with its early development of large trichomes.
The initial transformation begins with the long, fern-like leaves turning a subtle purple. As the weeks progress, the purple hue intensifies, extending to the sugar leaves ❄️ and enveloping most of the flowers in a stunning display of color.

Aromas and Effects

The enticing aroma emanating from its buds ranges from Berry 🍓 to Kushy ⛽, offering a delightful spectrum of scents. The smell of Frosty’s Purple Freak can exceptionally potent for the Berry phenos. As the cycle nears its end, the sweet berry fragrance can become almost overwhelming. It goes without saying that the use of a carbon filter is paramount.

With the very first puff 💨, the thick smoke imparts a pleasant earthy and berry aftertaste. The rich berry and Kushy aromas are a true delight for connoisseurs.
Frosty’s Purple Freak’s impact is powerful, inducing a profound and enduring body-melting experience. A brief euphoric high swiftly gives way to a robust wave of physical relaxation.

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