Jack's Dream 🪓
Jack's Dream 🪓

Jack's Dream 🪓

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Jack Herer x AMS
30% Sativa : 70% Indica
Flowering Cycle : 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month : Late September
Yield Indoors : 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoors : 600 g/plant
Height : Short - Medium
Climate: Mild
Effects : Stimulating High, Creative, Relaxed
Aromas : Haze, Pine, Pepper, Sweet, Earthy

Here is the Jack's Dream, a hybrid Jack Herer x AMS (Swiss Sativa x Swiss Indica) that gives fast flowering plants and heavy yielder thanks to the lineage.

This new strain of 2021 combines the vigor 🌱 and unique aromas of Jack Herer lineage, with the resistance 🌧️ and fast space of the AMS strain. The Ratio Indica:Sativa is 70:30 , which makes the Jack's Dream pretty branchy, with short nodes distance. This small bush 🌳 that comes up is ideal for small Indoors culture environments.

Its terpene profil is led by peppery (Hazy 🌶️) and piney undertones 🌲 (Jack Herer), enriched with sweet candy 🍬 and earthy aromas from the AMS. The relaxing effects won't knock you out, but mostly stimulate your senses and promote creativity.