Nigerian Sativa 🪵
Nigerian Sativa 🪵
Nigerian Sativa 🪵

Nigerian Sativa 🪵

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Nigeria (6°N)
Sativa : 100%
Flowering Time : 10 to 13 weeks
Yield : Medium to High
Height : Tall
Climate : All Climates
Effects : Sweet Woody Aromas with notes of Hash, Pepper and Lemon
Aromas : Uplifting and Euphoric, then Relaxing

Nigerian Sativa, A Fast Flowering Landrace From Tropical Africa

The Original Nigerian offered in Amsterdam Coffee shops in the 80’s. This pure old-school African Sativa was originally part of Afropips’ seed collection. Its woody/musky aromas and good high will remind some cannabis aficionados of the dark and seeded African buds prevalent in Europe in the 1980’s.
Most historians believe that cannabis was introduced into Nigeria at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Despite its late introduction, cannabis has since been cultivated on a large scale in most parts of the country.

Growth Pattern

This Nigerian cultivar can display some broad leaves at the beginning of the vegetative phase. As the plants grow taller and start flowering, the leaflets become narrower and narrower.
Growers will notice 2 main phenotypes. The first one is fast flowering (ready in 10 weeks), high yielding and with relatively dense buds. The second phenotype will flower in 13 weeks and produce long Sativa spears. However, almost all plants will have a delicious sweet woody smell with some being more hashy/musky and others more fruity.
Because of frequent rainfalls during its flowering phase, this cultivar has developed the ability to withstand high humidity.
Its good mold resistance coupled with its ability to flower quite early allow this strain to perform well outdoors in most places
As is the case with most tropical Sativas, the Nigerian Sativa can thrive in poor soil.
It is a low feeder which is quite sensitive to even moderate amounts of nitrogen.


The Nigerian Sativa effects are relatively potent. At first, the high is clear and uplifting, very Sativa-like. After about 45 minutes, however, these classic Sativa effects give way to a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Harvesting early versus late will also have a huge impact on the effects, making them more or less uplifting. Lastly, this Nigerian cultivar tends to cure very well, becoming even more potent after a few months of cure.


This Unique Strain used to be part of Afropips’ seed collection. After Afropips Seedbank shut down around 2010, the underground community then started preserving this Nigerian cultivar. In 2020, the Khalifa Team finally acquired this African strain via the collector community. Unfortunately, the first reproduction run revealed a huge proportion of hermaphrodites. After doing 2 more controlled open pollinations (3 in total) the Khalifa team was able to significantly improve the sexual stability of this Nigerian Sativa.

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