80's Durban Poison 🇿🇦
80's Durban Poison 🇿🇦
80's Durban Poison 🇿🇦
80's Durban Poison 🇿🇦

80's Durban Poison 🇿🇦

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Durban (South Africa) 29°S
Sativa : 100%
Flowering Time : 12 to 14 weeks
Yield : Medium to High
Height : Tall
Climate : Hot to Cold
Effects : Enhances creativity, Suppresses appetite, long-lasting
Aromas : Strong peppery aromas with a tinge of passion fruit

80’s Durban Poison From the north coast of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Legendary strain from the northern coastal belt of Durban (South Africa).
Every individual has heard of the infamous Durban poison, well known for being a pure potent Sativa. But where does this strain come from? There are many stories around the origins of this African bush cannabis that nobody can actually place or prove. What we do know is that these genetics are worth saving, be it for preservation or hybridization this strain has it all.

Near Extinct Species

Our friend Ryan, passionate strain hunter from South Africa, obtained some old seeds from his dad’s best friend. That friend used to grow and sell Durban Poison back in the 1980’s. While going through the storage area of his house, he found old seeded Durban Poison buds. He then immediately gave the seeds (about 200 in total) to Ryan as he was aware of Ryan’s preservation work at the “Love Of Landrace” collective. Being over 30 years old, only 20 seeds popped and only 13 were able to break the ground.
This 80’s Durban Poison is therefore the real deal as it has never been hybridized with any modern strain. Growers can expect to see plants being very different from the Dutch Durban Poison.

Growth Pattern

Coming from a very humid area, the Durban Poison offers great mold resistance. Being very hardy and vigorous, it is also extremely pest-resistant.
This strain stands tall and wide, boasting a height of 4m (13ft) with branches reaching out in a creeper like structure. During flower this strain gives off strong aromas of pepper with a tinge of passion fruit. Like most African Sativas this plant thrives planted in the ground at the beginning of the spring season and has a flowering time of 15 weeks outdoors. The branches have small popcorn fox tailing buds leading to a large cola at the top of the branches. Due to the size of this long flowering Sativa you can expect high yields of a pure quality African Sativa.


80’s Durban poison is a mind numbing Sativa that enhances creativity and suppresses appetite. It lasts longer then your average smoke and boasts a THC reading of 16%.
Clear-headedness, creativity and also slight anxiety are the effects reported by most users.

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