Persian Prince 🍇
Persian Prince 🍇
Persian Prince 🍇
Persian Prince 🍇
Persian Prince 🍇
Persian Prince 🍇

Persian Prince 🍇

Khalifa Genetics
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Persian Prince flavors

Persian Prince
Ouzbek Landrace IBL x UK Cheese IBL (True F1)
Flowering Time : 9 - 10 weeks
Indica : 80% | Sativa: 20%
Yield : High
Height : Medium
Climate : Hot to temperate
Effects : Heavy Indica High, sleeping Inducing and deeply relaxing
Aromas : Berry, Lime, Grape with notes of Cheese and Skunk

Persian Prince, a flavorsome Indica

The Persian Prince is a True F1 Hybrid which has an impressive parentage. It is the result of a cross between a pure Indica landrace and an old school classic.  A fruity Uzbek landrace and the world renowned UK Cheese gave birth to this outstanding hybrid. Being a True F1, the Persian Prince strain combines high vigor and uniformity.

Khalifa Genetic’s Persian Prince inherits its fruity perfume from the Uzbek side of its ancestry while the skunkiness comes from the UK Cheese . High trichome production and potency however, come from both parents. Its complex, hard to describe terpene profile delights most connoisseurs.
After the plants enter the second half of their flowering cycle, the smell becomes very pungent, almost impossible to conceal without a good carbon filter 🦨.

This True F1 Hybrid produces an intense and deeply relaxing body high. While the weed is strong and long-lasting, it is rare to experience unpleasant side effects. Users who smoked too much Persian Prince often report feeling pleasantly heavy and sleepy 😴. This is therefore a sedative smoke that is mostly suited to nighttime use.

Easy to grow and productive 🌱

Being both easy to grow and heavy yielding, the Persian Prince can be a strain many commercial growers opt for. Although it is a beginner-friendly variety, the Persian is a heavy feeder. It requires higher levels of nutrients than most cannabis strains in order to fuel its important flowering stretch and high flower production. This outstanding hybrid also produces many secondary branches. Therefore, it responds very well to being topped off and is highly suitable for SROG setups 🥦.

If the night temperatures are low enough towards the end of its flowering cycle, the Prince will then reveal its majestic grape color. While most of the sugar leaves and some of the flowers turn dark purple, the smell becomes fruitier and fruitier.. 🫐

Before crossing the Uzbek with the Cheese, the Khalifa Team spent almost 3 years stabilizing each parental line. Over the years, the team has been able to select the fruitiest phenotypes generation after generation while stress testing in order to increase the sexual stability. For that reason, growers can expect both vigorous and uniform plants. All the plants display a similar growth pattern and flowering time. Most importantly, they all express that delicious combination of fruity 🍇 and cheesy 🧀.

While looking at its colorful buds glistening with a thick layer of fruity trichomes, it isn’t hard to see why the Persian Prince has quickly become many connoisseurs’ favorite Indica.